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Iconic Duo - 4-pack - Monthly

Iconic Duo - 4-pack - Monthly

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Dissolves early stage acne at the source


A movement when they're apart, but a force when they're together. Acne-clearing patches that stop the drama before it starts, depending on the type of zit you have.

For more stubborn, early-stage and deep acne, first use KILLA ACNE to attack the zit. To continue more gentle healing, if needed, switch over to KILLA OG to reinforce the strike.

Pack Size

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  • Fast forwards to a clearer complexion
  • Ingredients hit your targeted breakout-prone area
  • Microdart patches that start working within 2 hours on deep, early-stage acne
  • Contains 2% Salicylic Acid for the fastest action against acne.

What's in the box?

  • 4 KILLA ACNE patches for deep zits
  • 4 CLEANA cleansing swabs
  • 20 KILLA KIT patches

How to Use

1. Always cleanse the affected area with our CLEANA wipes and let the area dry before applying patches.
2. For deep, early-stage, stubborn acne, Use KILLA ACNE Extra Strength. If needed, to continue treating, follow with KILLA OG.
3. For under the surface, unpoppable zits, use KILLA OG for a gentle, but effective treatment. Continue to use as needed.

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