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A patch for every occasion!


The body skincare kit for managing current + future body breakouts

Step 1. SILKSHAKE: Soothe existing breakouts.
A mix-up of pre, post and probiotics,
 this nutrient-dense body cleanser balances your skin's microbiome to keep nice drama in and mean ones out. Omegas 3, 6 + 9 strengthen your skin barrier, while tea tree + niacinamide soothe skin issues. 

Step 2. FIZZ FOUNTAIN: Block future breakouts.
A hybrid of chemical and physical exfoliants, this supercharged body scrub refines, retexturizes and dives deep into pores to scoop out dirt + debris. A smoothing exfoliator that keeps skin troubles *off your back* (and whole body!).

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  • Calms current skin issues

  • Blocks future skin troubles

  • Reinforces moisture barrier

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