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Back-to-School Bundle Monthly

Back-to-School Bundle Monthly

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A patch for every occasion!


Our Back-to-School Bundle is the full regimen for flawless skin for the first day of school. Cleanse, treat and extract with this 4-step, acne-fighting bundle.

CUSHION CLEANSE 80ml: A balancing, lightly foaming cleanser that deep-cleans pores, soothes breakouts and protects your skin barrier without stripping its natural oils.

KILLA ACNE Extra Strength 4-pack: The fastest acting microdart acne patch for deep, early stage zits with 2% Salicylic Acid. Starts working within 2 hours.

GOO GETTER 36-pack: Moisture-drawing hydrocolloid patches that extract surface zits/whitehead goo and accelerate skin renewal.

FACEMAP 2-pack: Moisture-drawing hydrocolloid patches for large clusters of zits with customized shapes for every part of the face.

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