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A-to-zit Mini Kit

Travel acne essentials

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Travel acne essentials

KILLA 4-pack: Our hero mircodart patches designed to target early stage zits with salicylic acid and niacinamide to resolve their appearance, from the inside out.Ā 

HYPERFADE 4-pack: Derm-recommended microdart patch to fade the appearance of dark spots

PRESS REFRESH 1x sheet mask: Features a full-face potion of exfoliants and skin-soothers, to calm breakouts, dial down irritationĀ and smooth texture.Ā 

PORE VAC 60 ml: A travel-friendly size of our acid-rich clearing clay mask.

MEGASHADE 7 ml: A deluxe of our hydrating SPF 50 sunscreen serum, designed to protect acne-prone skin.

SILKSHAKE 20 ml:Ā A deluxe of our probiotic-rich cleanser for breakout-prone bodies

FIZZ FOUNTAINĀ 20 ml:Ā A deluxe of our AHA/BHA body scrub to help clear pores

Clarify + soothe
A-to-zit Mini Kit
Clear the drama before it blows up
A-to-zit Mini Kit
Retexturizes and unclogs pores
A-to-zit Mini Kit
Soothes irritation and calms sassy skin
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A-to-zit Mini Kit