What is Club Clear?
Club Clear is a matter of deep excitement for your skin! Specifically, Club Clear is our loyalty program designed to reward you for taking your skincare journey with us. Through the program, you’lll be eligible to earn ZitCoin whenever you engage with ZitSticka, be it making a purchase, leaving a review, or following us on social media.
How do I redeem ZitCoin?
Click the “Rewards” link in the top navigation bar or footer of any ZitSticka page to be taken to your Club Clear homepage (please remember to login!). There, you can choose to redeem your ZitCoin for coupons (in denominations of $5, $10, or $20) valid towards a future ZitSticka purchase. Redeem 50 ZitCoin for a $5 coupon, 100 ZitCoin for a $10 coupon and 200 ZitCoin for a $20 coupon. (6) Zitcoin cannot be redeemed with any other discount.
How do I check how many ZitCoin I have?
Click the “Rewards” link on the top navigation bar or footer of any ZitSticka page and login to see how many ZitCoin you have accumulated.
What happens if my order is returned or canceled?
Any ZitCoin associated with that order will be deducted from your Club Clear account balance.
Why did my account balance go down?
If you recently made a return, this could affect your account balance.
I need help with my Club Clear Account!
Contact us at support@zitsticka.com with any questions or feedback!