Why GOO GETTER Is Not Like Other Hydrocolloids


Why GOO GETTER Is Not Like Other Hydrocolloids

By: Lee Phillips


If you haven’t heard about hydrocolloid patches, where have you been? It’s likely that the cause is quarantine-skin-care-experimentation syndrome, but these things have been popping up everywhere! But what exactly are they? And how do you know you’re using the right one?


Hydrocolloid who?

First, let’s touch base on what the heck they even are. Hydrocolloids began their iconic evolution from medical settings when doctors realized that moist (so sorry for using that word) environments were more conducive to healing. In a pinch, a hydrocolloid patch works by absorbing fluid that creates an environment for regeneration and by sealing off the outside world. The result is accelerated skin regeneration or in layman’s terms, your booboo is out of the picture faster.

Since acne is essentially a small infection and wound, it’s not surprising that someone was like, “Hey, why aren’t we using this tech for pimples?”

Before you knew it, all you saw on skin care TikTok were young adults hitting their local drug store for hydrocolloid bandages that they slapped on their face and pulled off for onscreen goo removal ASMR. Next, smaller hydrocolloid made especially for patches began popping up everywhere you looked. But while there seems to be 1,000 on the market, so many of them still only contain the one OG ingredient: hydrocolloid. Where’s the fun in that? Can’t we do better?


Yes! And ZitSticka did that!

Short answer: yes. Long answer: GOO GETTER is not like other hydrocolloids. Yes, it’s got all the goo-sucking and regenerating properties, but is also packed with an arsenal of other zit zapping ingredients that soothe the skin and accelerate your pimple’s regeneration journey. Some of these ingredients you might be familiar with! Salicylic acid gets deep down into your newly cleared pore to exfoliate clogged dirt and oil. To really get the decongesting job done, salicylic acid is paired with tea tree oil, a natural oil that unclogs and antioxidizes. For calming redness and evening texture, GOO GETTER calls on Niaminicide (B3). This skin care wonder child is known for calming skin and repairing damage. Not only does GOO GETTER unclog and calm your zit, it can help with the after affects too, like post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. GOO GETTER contains skin care super star, vitamin C which brightens dark spots and blocks the formation of cell damage that can lead to scarring.

One thing to note: pimple patches are best used for late stage zits that have already surfaced. Deep, underground zits are not for this. To get the full benefit of hydrocolloid technology, there should be a white head ready to be absorbed so that healing can begin. It’s called GOO GETTER for a reason!


Why goo getter is ~different~ from the other hydros

What makes GOO GETTER special is not just her ingredients, but her loyalty. Super adhesive materials stick to your zit and STAY. Under makeup, masks, and through that giant burrito you inhaled, ZitSticka remains. Planning on pouring sweat or dancing in the rain? You still don’t need to worry about GOO GETTER falling off. Unlike those giant TikTok hydrocolloid patches that we mentioned, GOO GETTER is also the perfect size for every pimple, in every place. GOO GETTER is small enough to accommodate even the highest maintenance pimples. You know what we mean: those pesky white heads in the crevice of your nose, on the side of your lip, or in your hairline! Another great thing about GOO GETTER that we just have to mention, it will stop you from mindlessly popping and picking, which is a huge cause of redness, irritation, and scarring in the first place!


Did you know?

Quick fact: GOO GETTER’s hydrocolloid construction tricks your skin into thinking it's a scab, speeding up your skin’s renewal process. While zits are an obvious bother, getting rid of the aftermath can take weeks. GOO GETTER cuts the waiting time in half!


While a hydrocolloid is itself an incredible material for getting wounds to bounce back fast, so many pimple patches lack derm-approved ingredients that we have seen time and time again to work against fighting acne. It just doesn’t make sense! With GOO GETTER (let’s call her GiGi) you get all the healing and goo-extracting perks of the hydrocolloid, but enhanced by a unique blend of bonus anti-acne ingredients. She’s a surface zit super fighter! All you gotta do is slap her on, and after six hours goo is pulled to the surface, and your skin is en route to her previous glory. GiGi can stick anywhere you need her and no matter what, you don’t have to worry about her falling off. But don’t worry, it’s not going to hurt to peel off either! When you painlessly remove, not only is your zit flattened, but redness and irritation has been soothed as well.


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