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Very Funny Beauty YouTuber, Joanna Spicer On Authenticity

We've been following beauty vlogger Joanna Spicer on YouTube for awhile now. Not because she's super knowledgable (which she is). Or because she's super attractive (which she also is). Nope. It's because she's certifiably hilarious. And in a world of facades and overly manufactured content, she handles beauty in a way that's truly *refreshing*. Here's our interview with her in which she talks authenticity, and reveals she sometimes pops zits with her DIABETIC CAT's lancet :o

ZitSticka Joanna Spicer

OK we know it's not your newest, but we're obsessed with your bathroom tour video! How important is it to be funny when making beauty videos, and to maintain your real personality?

Having a sense of humor is so deeply tied to my identity and for the longest time on YouTube I was afraid to be myself. I think it was a combination of becoming more comfortable in front of the camera and just simply getting older and caring less about how others perceive you that helped me come out of my shell online. Though my profession is not super serious; that’s not to say there’s not a ton of value in beauty and feeling good in your skin. That said, I would feel like a crazy person if I had to go through all the motions with a straight face all the time. With that video in particular I was inspired by all the other “bathroom tour” videos where their bathroom is the size of my entire apartment with a huge soaking tub that could hold their whole family, but they don’t even acknowledge that it’s like crazy to have that? Not that they should feel bad about having nice things, but let’s be real!

Lol. Okay, to keep up the realness: What kind of zits do you typically get? Do you have different strategies for different kind of zits?
I consider myself lucky. Both of my brothers suffered from cystic acne that continued well into their adult lives. Both had to go on Accutane to manage it, while I skated through my teenage years barely washing my face and probably like, rubbing dirt on it everyday? Breakouts still aren’t a huge problem for me day-to-day, but when they do happen I might as well have a giant open wound on my face because I can’t handle it. Blackheads are my main ailment. I can never get rid of them; I’m almost certain I will die an old lady with tons of blackheads along her T-zone.

ZitSticka Joanna Spicer

Is there truly a way to prevent zits? What have you noticed contributes to your own particular brand of zits
The only time I get cystic breakouts is when a product doesn’t agree with me—which is often. I have sensitive skin and in my line of work I’m constantly trying new creams and potions and I’d say 7/10 times they do not agree with me. But going back to my basics usually clears them up eventually. Because I didn’t suffer from breakouts when I was young I almost don’t know how to treat them.

Do you pop zits? Why/why not?
Okay forget what I said before, this is what I do to get rid of them: I know technically you’re not supposed to, but who in their right mind is walking around with a whitehead on their face? Absolutely no-one, besides my boyfriend and that’s only because he saves them for me like a gentlemen. I’m one of those disgusting people that like foams at the mouth for a big juicy pimple to pop.

ZitSticka Joanna Spicer

Worst/dumbest/weirdest thing you ever did to a zit?
I really hope a dermatologist isn’t reading this, but one of my cats has diabetes and I have to keep sterile lancets in the house to check his blood sugar, and I’ve absolutely lanced a stubborn pimple on multiple occasions. Like I said, I live and breathe for a satisfying pimple popping experience. Does it end well? Almost never. Don’t do it.

You must get to try a lot of products given you're a #CONTENT person (a VERY FUNNY content person). What are your recent favorites?
Oh gosh, what a question. A constant influx of faves. Embryolisse is my moisturizer of choice; not because it’s particular special, but my skin just loves it. It never breaks me out and hydrates my dry skin so well. I’ve been using it for roughly 7 years. For cleanser, I like to take my makeup off with Glossier’s Milky Jelly and then follow up with Fresh's soy cleanser. Supergoop for sunscreen, and for makeup I’m always down for trying new stuff. Glossier is one of my favorites as well as Charlotte Tilbury and Milk. I like anything dewy and glowy; cream products over powder any day.


True or false: Prevention is better than remedy when it comes to zits? 
Definitely true! The more you can do to avoid using your cats diabetes lancets the better, for the most obvious reasons.


 For Joanna's opinion on ZitSticka, skip to 17:30 :-)