ZS-SKIN ZitSticka KILLA kit spot treatment for blind pimples


The Reason Behind ZitSticka's Packaging

Sustainability is something that we receive a lot of valuable feedback about—namely, why do we use the amount of packaging we do? The answer is nuanced and, believe it or not, isn’t just about having an aesthetically pleasing end product.

The ZitSticka KILLA patch is a tech-meets-skincare product and its mechanism involves self-dissolving microdarts that take action beneath the surface. Why microdarts? Because our patch was built for the stubborn, underground zit rather than those at surface level that regular pimple patches (the kind that come in bigger packs; typically stuck to a sheet of plastic or paper) are geared toward. Some of our customers even express that ZitSticka KILLA suits a type of zit that they would ordinarily have to get a dermatologist administered cortisone shot for. The blind, hard-to-reach zit needed a special kind of zit patch, and this is why we created ours.

ZitSticka KILLA patches

In doing so, we needed a way to protect each of the 24 super fragile microdarts—each finer than a strand of hair—that are layered into every patch, so that they're not crushed or compromised before application. This would ruin the efficacy of the patch and prevent the microdarts from getting beneath the surface to deposit the ingredients right into the zit's heart. Our patch has proven to accelerate the life cycle of a zit, simmering it down before it reaches its potential. 


Another reason our packaging is the way it is: Our 24 microdarts are susceptible to melting if they become too hot. And so, each patch pouch is foil-lined in order to maintain the microdart's temperature, ensuring the ingredients can be deposited into your zit in the most precise manner.

As a new business we recognize the need to operate responsibly and create less waste in the world. The beauty industry is oftentimes branded as a frivolous one; that's a sentiment we don't want to carry forward. We want to assure our current and future customers that we are actively pursuing ways to minimize our packaging, including a refill pack that is much leaner on packaging. 

ZitSticka KILLA

Evolving with our customers is so important to us, and so we thank everyone who has spoken out about their sustainability concerns. Watch this space for developments on packaging :-)


Images: @v_solid_, @cakeface.skincare


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