New Year, Same Very Cool, Smart & Great You


New Year, Same Very Cool, Smart & Great You

2021 is here... and with all the slaps to the face 2020 dealt us, we feel equipped to deal with (almost) anything. By now, we've learned that taking care of our skin means so much more than just washing our faces and blindly purchasing the newest, fanciest skincare product on the market. Just as most of us strive to be well-rounded human beings, one should strive to take care of their skin with a well-rounded approach. We spoke with a beloved member of our Zitty Committee, Alyssa Daughtery (@lysdaugherty), about her skin learnings from 2020 and how she'll be moving forward into the new year with this gained knowledge.

ZitSticka Alyssa Daughtery

Stress Management With Meditation 

Mental Health - stress is a big factor for me. I feel overwhelmed easily and I care about the people in my life probably too much. So in order to get ahead of that feeling I use the App Waking Up by Sam Harris. He does a beginner meditation guided class for 30 days where is shares different concepts and exercises that gave me internal tools to handle my own unhealthy thought process. Allowing me to become more aware of what roles I was playing into my own stress. This is very liberating and empowering. It takes daily practice and sometimes I fall away from my practice but I love how the app logs how many minutes you dedicate and that helps me to come back and recommit.

Skin From the Inside, Out


Starting my journey with SKIN DISCIPLINE, I was in a very low place with my skin. My inflammation was out of control. Some spots would last days while others seemed to be roosting under the skin making them last weeks. My skin was never fully clearing up either. Just as two were going away three or four would be surfacing. My self esteem hit an all time low and I felt lost. How do I get ahead of this when I don’t even know what is causing it? That’s when I started to use SKIN DISCIPLINE and decided to approach my spots from the inside. Mentally, I started to picture these pills building a defense for my skin while also providing nutrients for it to heal. After three months of taking it everyday I could see my skin was calming down. Finally, my spots were down to one or two and I could see them healing and disappearing much faster. I was beginning to see windows of clear skin and my confidence was coming back. I felt empowered by finding a solution that worked for me that I started to share my journey with family and friends. I’m so grateful to have found SKIN DISCIPLINE on my acne journey. 

Au Revoir  🍭 + 🥛

I have been limiting my sugar and dairy intake. I have noticed that some of my inflammation could be stemming from two of my favorite food categories. Life has a funny way of teaching you lessons, and one of the most valuable lessons is learning to cut off your own tail. We self-define who we are and what is important to us but if you are willing to cut off your tail (eliminate something that you feel is you) you open the door to evolve and change. When I give something up that I love, I use that mindset to motivate myself through the difficult times.

Hello, Wavo

My wavo device has enhanced my evening and morning skincare routine immensely. I use it with my toner first in the cleansing mode to push out the dirt using ion and vibration technology this is big because now I can see that all of the dirt and makeup has been removed from my skin. It’s huge to have this reassurance when you are dealing with sensitive skin and acne. Next, I add my night serum with the nutrition function which reverses the ion vibration—it helps break down the serum and push it to the deeper levels of my epidermis. Lastly, I call this the spa step. It has a warming function that I use with my moisturizer. It goes up to 113 degrees and it feels sooooo good! I feel a whole new level of hydration after using this device.


Thank you, Alyssa, for your skin wisdom. Is your epidermis acting crazy after the holidays? Here's your official plan of attack.