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Know Your Breakouts: Locations


Know Your Breakouts: Locations

By Tyler Guitroz 

Skin type can be attributed in a number of ways. Typically, when we think of skin type, we're talking about the state of your moisture barrier (for instance, oily, acne-prone, combination, dry, sensitive, balanced). Though, there are other ways we can look at our epidermises (epidermi?! No, no) to decide how we should protect them, and how certain issues can teach us to make better skin choices. Come along now as we do just that! 


Sebum (Oil) Breakouts: Mark of the Combo-Oily Skin-type

Around your nose and forehead, you have been *blessed *with a higher concentration of sebaceous (oil) glands! This area, more commonly referred to as the T-zone, can be more of a problem area for those prone to acne. Because oil is more prevalent in this area and dirt and bacteria are facts of life, you may find yourself with some pimples or more blackheads or whiteheads than you care for (which is zero, for the record). 


Product Choice

Use of non-comedogenic (meaning, it won’t clog pores) skincare with a non-comedogenic moisturizer being an essential product. A healthy and consistent skincare routine.



BHAs like Salicylic Acid, Retinoids, Oligopeptide-76 

Salicylic Acid (SA) is a beta-hydroxy acid that dissolves dirt, oil, and bacteria from inside pores. Like, right inside them! For combo-oily skin, it is worth using salicylic acid for daily maintenance as well as for breakouts. Our very own KILLA KIT utilizes salicylic together with its targeted microdart technology to deliver the actives deeper into the heart of the drama. For some maintenance with a side of self-care, try adding PRESS REFRESH for its acne-regulating acids: salicylic (again), lactic, and glycolic, which team up with cooling niacinamide and hyaluronic acid for a strong but rejuvenating mini-spa sesh. 

Hormonal Breakouts: The Mean Ones

Hormonal breakouts occur along the jawline, chin, and even the neck and back! As a result of increased oil production caused by hormonal imbalances, pores in this area are more prone to clogged pores during these fluctuations. 



Avoiding comedogenic ingredients and daily washing


Consuming anti-inflammatory (turmeric, zinc) and gut health targeting products and probiotic supplements (*cough *SKIN DISCIPLINE* cough*) has been shown to improve the balance of hormones.

Probiotics, like those found in SKIN DISCIPLINE, propagate diverse bacteria that can aid in the formation and protection of the skin barrier. In some cases, they can directly combat the acne-forming bacteria C. acnes! Coupled with the digestion benefits and the potential regulation of stress-related neurotransmitters, probiotics are a great go-to to improve and maintain your health inside and out. 



Retinoids, BHAs, Oligopeptide-76 


Product Contact Breakouts (PCB): Falling Victim to Irritating and/or Uncleanly Practices

If after starting that new priming oil that’s all the rage, you find yourself staring at another volcano bump on the cheek of your favorite profile; if after a couple of wash-and-goes you find that your laid edges are starting to grow a bumpy, unwelcome fan base; if that bold, but waxy overnight hydrating lip treatment doesn’t seem quite worth it after the waking up to a new friend adjacent to your seemingly more plump lips, then your skin, my friend, has borne witness to Product Contact Breakouts.

PCBs tend to be on the cheeks, lips, mouth, hairline, and temples. These problem areas occur when some products you are using could be irritating and clogging your pores. This can happen for many reasons: you are using heavier oils in or around these areas you are not utilizing the products (makeup, skincare, etc) properly, you are not removing the product completely or at all, or even the products/tools that you are using is coming into contact with debris, bacteria, and oils before you put it on your face (like dipping unwashed fingers into moisturizer jars). 



Avoiding comedogenic agents and oils, and irritating ingredients Cleaning makeup tools often and replacing them when they are worn. Change pillowcase, clean phone, earphones, regular washing of your mask, hijab, burqa, niqab, or anything that may regularly cover the face.



Retinoids, Oligopeptide-76 (best for cheeks), pimple patches (like KILLA KIT if below the skin and GOO GETTER if above the skin), Lactic Acid (or other AHAs), Salicylic Acid and Tea Tree oil (aka BHAs) like the ones found PRESS REFRESH, sulfur for deeper rooted pimples.

Exact Same-Spot Breakouts (ESSB):  Contact Acne. Cont.

I’m sure many of us have fallen victim to that one (or couple of) spot(s) reforming every once in a while. The one guy that just sticks around and keeps coming back when you least want them to. A regular Bevers of Broad City—annoying, inconvenient, and generally an eye-sore. Similar to the process by which you acquire a person like Bevers in your life, same-spot acne is known to be caused by lapses in hygiene: incessant and constant contact and touching. This might happen if, during your daily universe pondering you elegantly—but unknowingly—place your hands on your temples and cheeks in the exact place, for instance. In this process, your hands—producing sebum and generally having interacted with multiple objects and surfaces—can transfer dirt, oils, and even bacteria from these environments TO. YOUR. FACE! As a result, you experience pore congestion or even some inflammation. All of which lead to—yep—breakouts and zit formation. 

These spots can be remedied in several ways…



Refrain from touching your face without having washed your hands (a small task for a big result tbh), removing your makeup completely before you sleep or workout, making sure you are utilizing the proper products for your concern and skin type!



See the “Contact Acne” ingredients section.

However annoying and difficult recurrent acne breakouts are, they actually can tell us a lot about our habits and what’s going on in and with our skin. It is up to us to listen and react not with vengeance, but with patience, understanding, and most importantly, face masks!


So now you know the cause of your pimple... but do you know the real reason you should NEVER pop them?! Click here to find out 👀