How Long Exactly Does it Take for KILLA to Work?
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How Long Exactly Does it Take for KILLA to Work?

Hello there, inquisitive reader. So how long does it take for this exciting zit patch to *work*, you ask? The short answer is “it depends”. But of course, you deserve better than the shorthand. Let’s unravel this thing.

KILLA’s ideal pimple candidate is one that’s rising. No, this isn’t about moons and horoscopes—stay with us. So rising, upcoming, beneath-the-surface zits—those that throb and usually take a very long time to front up to a head. These, as you no doubt know, vary in size and severity, but are united in their cowardly pursuits to hide underground.

And it’s this anomalous nature of the early-stage zit that means its treatment time will vary. In a sentence, results vary from zit to zit.


Here’s something you can rely on: Each KILLA’s microdarts will dissolve right inside the heart of your pimple (AKA, deep) within two hours of application. P.S., The microdarts don't hurt—you'll feel more of a gentle sting. Think this:Jumping cactus

So, after you’ve pressed a patch to your face and two hours have passed, you know the ingredients (hyaluronic acid, salicylic acid, niacinamide and oligopeptide-76) have dissolved and are working to resolve what ails you. 


The appearance of most zits will shrink after 6 hours, but other cases will take  longer, and exceptionally stubborn cases may require a follow-up application. 


Typically, our studies have revealed (the full results of which we'll be releasing soon) that users see one of two things: 


1. The underground zit is silenced at the source, doesn't continue thriving and never reaches a head. This is, obviously, the best case scenario and means the zit has been *stopped in its tracks* before things blow up. 


2. The journey of the underground zit is accelerated. It fronts up to a head quickly, rather than lurking under the skin like a creep from a dating app. This is also a fairly excellent outcome, allowing you to treat the much less troublesome surface pimple with ease. 


Turns out we have more to say on the topic! For 6 reasons the world needed KILLA, *click click* right here


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