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Face Up Sessions with ZitSticka


Face Up Sessions with ZitSticka

Hello! We're ZitSticka; welcome back to our channel. *Waves wand* Since it's Mental Health Awareness Month, a momentous occasion, ZitSticka will be hosting a weekly "Face Up" panel in partnership with General Assembly. In it, there'll be open Zoom conversations with some very special guests, including dermatologists, beauty founders, nutritionists, and more.

Each session explores a number of themes, including mental health & acne, body awareness, progress not perfection, burnout culture, beauty standards in the industry + more. Keep scrolling for more intel on these ~major~ events, and to sign up!



#1. Building Brand Loyalty with Beauty Founders

The Who:

From left to right: Ava Lee (Content Creator), Daniel Kaplan (Founder of ZitSticka), Sasha Plavsic (Founder of ILIA Beauty), Jamika Martin (Founder of Rosen Skincare)

The What:

  • How to start a beauty brand that meaningfully adds to an overcrowded space
  • The importance of a clear brand identity & values
  • Challenging + subverting conventional beauty standards in 2021

The When and Where: 

  • Thursday, May 13th at 5 p.m. EST via General Assembly Zoom

* Click here to sign up!


#2. Face It Forward: Chill Out, Not Burnout

The Who: 

From left to right: Cassandra Bankson (Skincare Expert & Medical Esthetician), Amy Lee (Content Creator), Dr. Daniel Y. Sugai MD, FAAD (Dermatologist), Nicola Pierre-Smith (Licensed Therapist)

The What:

  • Working hard, or hardly ever stopping to breathe? Challenging "burnout" culture as a status symbol
  • Is self-care merely a buzzword, or a practical life tool?
  • How do stress + mental health impact skin?

The When and Where: 

  • Wednesday, May 19th at 5 p.m. EST via General Assembly Zoom

* Click here to sign up!


#3. Progress, Not Perfection in Beauty and Media

The Who: 

From left to right: Jayme (ZS Fan + Beauty Expert), Michael Ahmad (Herbivore Botanicals' Senior Director of Global Communication), Michelle Ranavat (Founder of Ranavat)
The What:
  • Progress, Not Perfection—what does it mean?
  • How to ensure your customers "see themselves" in your brand
  • Beauty and media industries’ responsibility to reshape a system that has traditionally pursued perfection?
The When and Where: 
  • Tuesday, May 25th at 12 p.m. EST via General Assembly Zoom
* Click here to sign up! 


#4. Body Awareness: Know it Inside Out 

The Who: 

From left to right: Jessica Tran (Content Creator), Bianca Valle (Holistic Nutritionist), Janice Miyoshi Days (Founder of Hate The Dot), Jules Miller (Found of The Nue Co.), Aagya Mathur (Founder of Aavia)
The What:
  • How to develop healthy (and balanced!) eating habits for healthy skin.
  • Is "wellness" just diet culture repackaged?! Why/why not?
  • How do your hormones and having your period affect skin?
The When and Where: 
  • Wednesday, June 2nd at 12 p.m. EST via General Assembly Zoom
* Click here to sign up!