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ZitSticka is a microdart acne patch


But Who is ‘ZitSticka’ and What is it *About*?

Hello and welcome to the closest thing we’ll ever get to interrogative, investigative journalism. It’s for your benefit, naturally,  


This exercise will involve flipping the tables and taking a good, long, hard look at ourselves. We will answer questions of who, what, where and why. You will feel more *connected* to us, in a completely non-creepy way.

So come along, dear reader. We have work to do.


Who or what is ZitSticka?

ZitSticka is a brand that’s unhealthily obsessed with healthy skin and melting zits. All types of zits, from the deep, upcoming kind through to blackheads, whiteheads and recurrent hormonal varieties. Our methods and approaches are backed by science and hinge on technology, and we made sure we were really tired after the whole manufacturing process—tired from all the testing, re-testing, researching, tweaking and starting over we did before landing on products that truly work.


Where did we come from and why did we start?

Our co-founders have had lustrous careers in pharmaceuticals, product development and marketing. It’s also important to mention that after years of intermittent adult breakouts, co-founder, Danny, got a large, untimely butt pimple one day. This sizeable butt pimple was the impetus for a frustrated conversation with co-founder, Robbie, about an at-home zit solution that actually works on deeper, hard-to-reach zits. They conceived, then produced one. And so, here we are.


What do we do?

Well, we engineer patches layered with self-dissolving microdarts that melt upcoming, early-stage zits at their heart. We also offer a breakout-specific supplement that works to clear breakouts from the inside-out, naturally. 

Why should you care?

You get zits. Either often, from time to time, or rarely. But you get them. You’re a person with a face, and maybe you’re frustrated by all the stuff you’ve smeared on zits that hasn’t lived up to its claims.


What’s next?

We kindly ask that you don’t box us in based on our name—the ‘sticka’ part just kind of, erm, stuck as we were (and continue to be) really proud of our hero product, KILLA, which is a patch slash sticker.

We'll be adding more products to our breaking-busting suite really soon—so watch this space. 


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