ZitSticka Lee Phillips


5 Skin Resolutions That Require Little to No Effort

By Lee Phillips

Ah... the New Year. The time when we all make promises to stop yelling at cyclists and eat less Hot Cheetos. Honestly guys, I have a big problem with new years, and it’s not just because Hot Cheetos rock and cyclists don’t.

The truth is, most resolutions are less of an opportunity to make good life choices, and more of a time to finally “fix “ the things we feel insecure about. Instead of going into the year with positivity and self-love, New Year’s resolutions trick us into embarking on unsustainable journeys to “perfection,” whatever that means.

(Not to mention, *time is a construct* and you can reinvent yourself literally every morning.)

ZitSticka Lee Phillips

Before you think about resolutions for even one more second, it’s important to know that you’re fine just how you are. You don’t need to become an exercise junkie, or raw vegan, to start your year off right. Putting that kind of pressure on yourself is unfair and not to mention, unsustainable. Inevitably, the big resolutions sizzle out, and we are failures by March. I mean, who needs that?

Despite this, and in the spirit of NEW, here are some helpful skin tricks to consider that DON'T involve a complete personality or lifestyle overhaul. Commit to them, or don’t, we’re not going to judge.


Stop picking and touching your face. Stop it!

When I was younger, this was the tip my mother drilled into my head. This may also be the hardest one to conquer. I’m doing it right now! Ah!

Picking at pimples irritates your skin and can spread the bacteria. It also increases your chance of getting post-acne hyperpigmentation. If you really want to get at that nasty stuff in your whitehead, use ZitSticka’s GOO GETTER to satisfy your craving, ya weirdo. But don’t even dream about picking a deep, blind boi—that’s going to a) hurt and b) be impossible—slap on a KILLA patch instead. She’ll get to the heart of that sucker.

Even innocent hand to face contact is dangerous, even more so because it is often an unconscious habit. Sometimes it’s as subtle as stroking your chin hairs. Unfortunately, this is also going to cause acne. Your hands have more foreign bacteria than any other part of your body because of how much they touch. Every time you touch your face, you transfer bacteria that can irritate, clog and infect your pores, which are larger on your face than any other area of your body. Kind of a perfect storm.

The key is to just make an effort to be more conscious of limiting contact with your face and stop picking at your pimples. Good luck!



Buy an acne friendly pillow case and wash it often.

One time purchase with big time benefits! If you think about it, we spend a third of our lives with our face pressed up against our pillow cases. That’s. A lot. Of time. A lot of our pillow cases are made of Polyester, Acrylic, Acetate, Triacetate, and Nylon which are essentially just plastic and chemicals. These can irritate your skin. While Cotton is natural, it is super absorbent. This makes your pillow essentially an oil sponge. Gross. If you want an acne friendly pillow case, go for silk or linen.

Make the switch and your face will thank you. Plus, it’s just comfy.

Take a (SKIN DISCIPLINE) pill and chill.

While acne looks like a surface level issue, it goes a lot deeper than that. Your skin, like all of your other organs, is intimately connected to your gut. What you put inside your body matters, and unfortunately most New Year's resolutions will use this to get you to try some drastic all kale diet, or worse, to give up cheese.

Incorporating a product like ZitSticka’s SKIN DISCIPLINE is a super easy way to clear acne from the inside out, and it requires almost no real change to your life. Just take once a day and done! SKIN DISCIPLINE is clinically proven to reduce common acne within 12 weeks and is full of vitamins, minerals, probiotics and fatty acids helps to minimize breakouts by reducing surface level inflammation, regulating sebum levels and balancing skin-supportive bacteria. Taking SD is so easy, you’re going to feel like you’re doing something wrong. BUT! You’re not.


Before you start guzzling caffeine, treat your organs to a nice glass of water.

We drink water to cleanse toxins through our kidneys but also to hydrate our organs. You know where I’m going with this...Your skin is your largest organ! At night, you experience trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL), so when you wake up your skin is essentially Spongebob out of water. But while it screams for moisture, you guzzle caffeine, which further dehydrates? (I do it too. Y tho?) Without proper dehydration, the toxins unfiltered from your blood may show up on your face.

When you’re taking your SKIN DISCIPLINE, just go ahead and finish the glass. If you want clear skin, simply dRiNKiNg wAtEr isn’t the solution here, but hydrating from the inside out is going to help, not to mention feed your deprived cells. The effort is minimal, but the importance of hydration is not.


Practice Skin Positivity

With all the countless skin-perfecting filters and celeb photo edits, it can feel like flawless skin is the norm. That simply isn’t true. Acne, texture, oil... it's all natural and shouldn’t be something that gets you down. At the end of the day, the best skin resolution to adapt in 2021 is to re-evaluate your relationship with acne in general. Healthy skin is always a good idea, but letting go of an unhealthy obsession with perfect skin will lift so much of the pressure off your skin journey. We’re not meant to look like porcelain dolls. We’re meant to look like humans and humans have acne.

In the new year, forgive yourself for not looking like a photoshopped magazine cover. Unfollow accounts that make you feel insecure, and follow skin positive accounts like ZitSticka!