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Nick DiRamio w/ SKIN DISCIPLINE by ZitSticka


How 4 SKIN DISCIPLINE Fans Stick to a Clear Skin Supplement Routine

Skin health supplements are good for you, obviously, but the commitment to taking them every day can be… hard! With all the chaos of ~modern life~, how the heck are we supposed to carve out the time to complete yet another task? Believe it or not, it’s less effort than you’d think! It all starts with finding out what works for you: do skin supplements fit in with your morning routine? Do you like to take them with food? Will you forget about them if they’re not in plain sight? Without knowing these things about yourself, you’ll probably have a harder time building supps into your busy life. But, armed with that knowledge, it’s a bajillion times easier to stick to a supplement habit. To give more insight into the best ways to take—and keep taking—your supplements, we asked some SKIN DISCIPLINE users how they keep to their habit for tangible results. Their responses might surprise you—one might even become your very own hack!


Raynalyn’s Body-Honoring Approach 

“I have been an avid SKIN DISCIPLINE user for the past year-and-a-half, and honestly? It's helped me tremendously with not only boosting my self-confidence but also committing to myself. Every morning that I take SKIN DISCIPLINE, I'm honoring myself—my mind, body, and soul. Doing this simple ritual daily has led me to compound good habits that really help me prioritize myself in my morning routine. This consists of stretching, meditating for at least five minutes, writing my morning pages, taking a walk to get some vitamin D and eating a nourishing breakfast.

With all this said, SKIN DISCIPLINE has done more for me than nourishing my skin and gut. It has allowed me to choose myself and take care of myself in more ways than one by rebuilding my trust in myself and loving myself beyond the surface.” 

Raynalyn Apuya

Raynalynn SKIN DISCIPLINE by ZitSticka before and after 

Rachelle’s organization advice 

“After a year of consistently taking SKIN DISCIPLINE, my skin has cleared up more than I could ever imagine. This summer was the first one in three years that I truly felt comfortable in my skin and not hiding behind makeup or massive sun hats!

I actually organize my vitamins every Sunday and put them in a pill container and take them in the morning with my tea. I’m pretty good at not missing a day because I am not looking to bring that cystic acne back so that’s enough for me not to forget!”

Rachelle Hodgson

 Rachelle SKIN DISCIPLINE by ZitSticka before and after


Nick’s habit-stacking hack 

“I find that when I'm starting a new healthy habit, the sooner I can make the habit into a normal part of my routine, the better I tend to be at sticking to it long enough to get results. In the case of SKIN DISCIPLINE, I had success pairing the ritual of taking the capsule with another task that I already do every morning—brushing my teeth. I set my SD capsule out the night before, and I invested in a cute, inexpensive water carafe to go right next to it. Seeing the new carafe was like an easy-to-spot and visually rewarding reminder that when it was time to brush my teeth, it was also time to drink a glass of water and take my SKIN DISCIPLINE. I've definitely felt the benefit of keeping up with my SKIN DISCIPLINE ritual, with skin that looks clearer and acts up a lot less often.” 

Nick DiRamio

 Nick SKIN DISCIPLINE by ZitSticka before and after


Jada’s gastronomic trick

SKIN DISCIPLINE has been a huge part of my skincare routine for the past two 2 years. What has helped me keep up has been incorporating it into my first meal of the day—I keep it in my cupboard or throw it in my bag if I'm on the go! To see it in either space usually reminds me to take it once throughout the day. The biggest results I've noticed have been acne scars that have faded now but were once really stubborn. That, and far fewer breakouts have made my skin clearer and smoother overall!” 

Jada Osgood

 Jada SKIN DISCIPLINE by ZitSticka before and after


See? SKIN DISCIPLINE (or BLUR POTION, or any supplement) can be easy as long as you know thyself! Whether it's putting them next to your morning beveragino or taking them before you go to sleep, clear skin is just around the corner. 


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